Company profile

Company name Apartment co., ltd.
Registration First Class Archtiect licence (No.49779)
Founder Satoshi Takiguchi
Founded 1st November, 1997
Established 4th April, 2001
Capital 3 million yen

Business Description

  1. Planning, design and supervision of architecture, interior, landscape and event venue

  2. Regional / Urban planning and design

  3. Consultation and strategic drafting for region, environment and institution

  4. Branding and planning for corporate and products

  5. Designing industrial products and furniture

  6. Education, lecture and publishing related to each of the foregoing

  7. Any and all businesses incidental to each of the foregoing


Apartment co., ltd.

3-16-14-5F, Higashinakano, Nakano, Tokyo 164-0003 JapanGoogle maps

TEL. +81-3-6304-0125FAX. +81-3-6304-0419E-Mail.

Satoshi Takiguchi

Born in Tokyo, 1973

Director at Apartment co., ltd.

Product brand “Tenp” director

2015 Graduated from Meiji University Graduate School of Science and Technology, International Program in Architecture and Urban Design
2013 Established Tectoco co., ltd.
2001 Established Apartment co., ltd.
1997 Founded Apartment co., ltd.
1997 Graduated from Meiji University School of Science and Technology, Department of Architecture